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St. Louis Directional Drilling Contractors

Directional Drilling in St. Louis

When you need drilling and trenching services without disrupting other existing structures, directional drilling is the key. This process can be very useful when running cables, electrical wiring, pipes, etc. in areas where there are already existing structures such as streets, parking lots, driveways, and other commercial and residential structures that might hinder underground installation.

With thousands of trenches and bores completed, Metro Lawn Sprinkler and Landscapes can be your solution for professional trenching, trenchless excavation, and directional drilling in St. Louis. Contact Metro Lawn Sprinkler & Landscapes today to speak with one of our representatives and learn how we can help.

What Is Directional Drilling?

St. Louis Directional Drilling Contractors

Directional drilling or directional boring is one of the most efficient methods of installing underground conduits and pipes on a large or small scale. This technique is commonly used to install utility lines, communication cables, and sewer lines across residential land areas, roadways, waterways, and other natural or man-made obstacles. Directional drilling is less invasive, more cost efficient, and safer for the environment than other installation techniques.

Directional drilling is done using a machine specifically built for this purpose. This machine is equipped with a directional bore that eats its way under any existing structure. On its head is a drilling bit that pushes its way underground using hydraulic pressure. Directional drilling and trenching and be used for a variety of applications including by construction, landscaping, sprinkler installation, and utility companies.

Our St. Louis Directional Drilling and Trenching Services

Metro Lawn Sprinklers and Landscapes can provide professional directional boring services in St. Louis. We are a trusted sub contractor for many local electrical and sign companies. Aside from directional boring, we also provide trenchless excavation and trenching services. With 1000’s of trenching and boring projects under our belts, we are confident that we can provide you with the best directional drilling services in St. Louis and nearby areas.

Our Directional Drilling Services Include:

Directional Drilling & Boring in St. Louis
  • Directional Boring - Pipe sizes up to 4” diameter to distances of 200’
  • Straight Boring: Pipe sizes up to 1” diameter to distances of 30’
  • Trenchless Excavation – Pipe diameters up to 3”
  • Trenching – Pipe diameters up to 4”
  • Excavation – Most sizes available

Learn More About Our Directional Drilling & Trenching Services in St. Louis

Whether you are a local contractor, construction company, homeowners association, utility company, or residential homeowner, if you need directional boring solutions in St. Louis, contact Metro Lawn Sprinkler & Landscapes today. With our professional direction drilling and trenching services, we can save you money while getting the result that you desire.

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