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Considerations When Planning Residential Landscape Design

There are many things you should consider when planning your next big landscaping project. Whether you are working with a professional landscaping company or going with the “do it yourself” approach, there is a lot to consider for residential landscape design. Below are some key points to think about.

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Understanding the Particular Requirements of Your Yard

No two yards are alike in every respect, so a cookie cutter approach at design will not work. Residential landscaping design starts with the knowledge that all projects have their own unique challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Do you have a small space, is your yard shaded or does it receive a lot of sun, are their draining problems to be addressed. All of these issues are key to residential landscape design as they affect all design decisions that can come after.

What Are You Going To Use the Space For?

When you are planning your residential landscape design project, one of the deciding factors should be the question: “What am I going to use it for?” The answer will give you the direction where the rest of your decisions can be made.

If you are planning to use your space for the children, planning a safe, child-friendly space where children can play and explore should be central to all of your design decisions. 

On the other hand, if you would like to use the outside space to entertain guests you will want to incorporate several spaces dedicated to entertaining. Do you want to include a patio for dining, a stone fireplace for bonfires, or even an outdoor kitchen? All of these elements can make sure that your outdoor space meets your needs in the best way.

Consider How One Space Leads To the Next

In many cases, you outdoor space will need to serve multiple purposes. Therefore, a good way to think of residential landscape design is to divide the space into smaller ones. Each of them will have a special purpose, and they will all be connected in some fashion. Connecting one space with the other should be done in an organic and natural way. If you can achieve this, your guest will feel a sense of exploration when they visit your yard.

Consider the Third Dimension in Residential Landscaping Design

When you are planning a residential landscape design, consider how everything will interact in 3D space. Do not think only in two dimensions. Start with the ground level and work your way up to archways and tall trees. This will help you plan the space from the bottom to the top. Do you want to imply separation of spaces while still maintaining an open view? This can be achieved by using different ground coverings or incorporating plants of different height.

Consider the How Future Affects your Landscaping Design Needs

The most important thing after all your residential landscape design planning has been done is to think of how your landscaping plans will fit in with your future needs. In the short term, make sure that you understand the care and maintenance requirements that different plants will have and that you are prepared for this.

In the long term, make sure that you realize and take into account the growth rate of ornamental plans. If you plant tall trees, make sure there will be room for the branches and roots to grow without damaging or crowing other elements.

Contact A St. Louis Residential Landscape Design Company

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