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Landscape Lighting Ideas for St. Louis Landscaping

St. Louis Landscape Lighting Ideas

The beauty of your property does not have to be hidden when the sun sets. With the use of ingenious landscape lighting ideas, you will be able to portray another dimension of beauty to your property. Using the appropriate lighting techniques will bring out the best in your landscape and make the most of your investment, even at night.

To learn more about landscape lighting design options and for landscape lighting ideas you can apply to you property, contact Metro Lawn Sprinkler & Landscapes in St. Louis today.

Landscape Lighting Ideas and Options

There are many different ways that landscape lighting can be used to accentuate your home and landscaping. From using lighting to accent trees and other features to using lighting to illuminate signs or address plaques, landscape lighting ideas are endless. The following are some of the many landscape lighting design options available to you.

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  • Spotlighting: Spotlighting is the use of a concentrated light directed to an object like a statue or an architectural piece to highlight its features.
  • Silhouetting: Silhouetting is the art of using lights to highlight the shape and contour of an object, but not the color. It is achieved by placing the light fixture behind the object and trailing the light towards a back wall. The light will illuminate the wall and the object in front will be seen like a shadow against this light background. This is an effective way of highlighting trees and plants with eye-catching branch structures.
  • Shadowing: Similar to silhouetting but in reverse, shadowing also is another great landscape lighting ideas that can be used to highlight plants with attractive branch formation. This is done by positioning the lighting fixture right in front of the tree and casting a shadow on a vertical surface directly behind the object. This type of lighting also adds security to a home or business as it eliminates dark spots along the edge of the building.
  • Moon Lighting: The moon lighting technique mimics the effects of light cast by a full moon on objects and plants. It provides a contrast of light and dark while highlighting distinct features of the object. It provides a serene feeling that is similar to moonlight shining on the inner parts of a tree. This landscape lighting idea is achieved by positioning light fixtures in the interior parts of the tree where they can be concealed and only the light can be viewed.
  • Uplighting: Uplighting is often used to highlight repeating designs in an architectural surface. Windows and archways are often treated with uplights to showcase their repetitive design. The same landscape lighting idea can also be used for flowering trees to make them come alive at night.
  • Walkway Lighting: Primarily used for safety and navigation, walkway lighting is a landscape lighting idea that uses a series of lighting fixtures to illuminate a pathway. There are different designs of luminaires used for this purpose that provide aesthetic value as well. Proper positioning in relation to adjacent structures and plants add to the dramatic effect of walkway lights.
  • Grazing: Grazing is one of the many landscape lighting ideas used to highlight the texture of a fixture or structure. This can be utilized on brick walls, retaining walls, chimneys, privacy fences, and other masonry structures. For this, type of landscape lighting, the light fixture is positioned at about six to eight inches of the object to be illuminated and pointed upwards at a 90-degree angle.
  • Downlighting: This type of landscape lighting requires placing lights high in trees or on buildings. The downward facing lights spread light down across a wide area. Therefore, this lighting is great for backyard entertaining and also illuminates for safety and security.
  • Step Lighting: Step lighting is a safety lighting technique where low ambient light is strategically positioned in steps or under rails. The main purpose is to provide visual guidance to allow visitors to safely navigate the stairway.

Learn More About Landscape Lighting Ideas & Design in St. Louis

Landscape Lighting Design in St. Louis

In addition to these popular landscape lighting ideas, there are many other landscape lighting design options that you can use to enhance the look and safety of your property when darkness takes over. For example, you can apply landscape lighting ideas to your pool, fountain, or pond to accentuate these water features.

If you would like to learn more about the landscape lighting ideas available to you or you want to begin your landscape lighting project, contact the professionals at Metro Lawn Sprinkler & Landscapes today. As leading landscape lighting contractors in St. Louis, we can help you select the best landscape lighting ideas for your needs.

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