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Drainage Systems & Yard Drainage Solutions in St. Louis

A beautiful lawn is dependent on water, however too much of it can be a problem. Excessive water can cause damage to your property, such as: soil erosion, leaky basements, unhealthy plants, mosquito nests, and more.

While most of these problems start off small and gradually become more and more of a problem, excess water and improper drainage systems can cause a lot more damage than what a professionally installed yard drainage system will cost. At Metro Lawn Sprinklers and Landscapes in St. Louis, we offer a variety of drainage system solutions that will promote proper yard drainage and secure the removal of unnecessary water. To learn more about our drainage solutions, contact us today online or by phone.

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Most Common Problems Resulting From Poor Yard Drainage:

Drowned Plants & Migrating Mulch

Landscaping design can be a big investment for a homeowner. Therefore, you need to protect your investment. Improper yard drainage can drown your evergreens, flowers, and other plans. Additionally, failure of your drainage systems can also lead to mulch washing out of your flowerbeds and into your yard.

Foundation Damage

The lack of proper drainage systems and the resulting pooling or streaming water around a home can cause permanent damage over time. This damage can affect the foundations of the house and landscaping as well as cause damage to patios or walkways. Without proper drainage systems, excess water around the home cracks and damages the foundation and basement walls. Water then can enter the home and promote growth of mold over time.

Standing & Pooling Water

Wherever there is a dip in the yard, puddles of water can create a muddy mess, which means muddy footprints and pet prints around and inside your home. Puddles of standing water also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects.

Cost Effective Ways to Address the Most Common Yard Drainage Problems:

Yard Drainage Systems Installation in St. Louis

Most of these yard drainage problems can be solved by the installation of drainage systems. Drainage systems often consist of 3 parts, each intended to serve a particular purpose. These parts include a collection basin, conduction pipe for directing water, and a discharge system. Our experts will evaluate exactly what the problem is and find an individual solution for dealing with the issue. The following are some techniques and methods commonly used to promote proper yard drainage.

Installing Catch Basins

The catch basin is the first step in any effective yard drainage system as it serves the purpose of collecting excess water. A catch basin is located beneath the level of the yard and is positioned over gravel or crushed stone. The major role of the catch basin is to gather water, which will then be conducted and discharged. Holes in the catch basin will safely drain any excess water that remains within it. It will also catch any debris that might clog your drainage systems. The cover of the catch basin can also serve decorative purposes as it comes in various colors and styles that can be coordinated with your designs.

Pipe for Conducting Water

The next step in yard drainage systems is conduct the water to the discharge. This pipe can be a solid pipe or in some drainage systems the pipe will also have holes that will percolate water evenly under your yard.


One of the most important parts of yard drainage is discharging the water into a safe area. There can be 3 types of discharge systems used:

  • The first one is a simple pressure discharge that is also called the pop-up emitter. These will release the water collected by the catch basin and conducted through the pipe safely to the curb or another section of the garden where it will be naturally absorbed by the ground.
  • The second type of yard drainage is the dry well. This type of well discharges rain runoff coming from the pipe by percolating it through gravel or crushed stone. These wells are located beneath the surface level and are a traditional way to get rid of excess water in drainage systems.
  • The third kind of yard drainage is a French drain. This will employ weeping tile or plastic to percolate water into the ground. French drains typically conduct a lot more water than a dry well.

Below are a Few Examples of Drainage Problems and Solutions

Drainage Problem

Drainage Solution

Yard Drainage Problems | Excessive Water Drowns Plants
Excessive water can drown evergreens, flowers, and other landscape investments.
Drainage Systems | Catch Basins
Catch basins and Atrium grates remove excess water to protect root systems from overwater and rot.
Yard Drainage Problems Lead to Foundation Problems
Without proper drainage, excess water around the home cracks & damages the foundation and basement walls. Water can enter the home and promote growth of mold.
Catch Basins Prevent Drainage System Clogs
Directing water from a downspout through a catch basin prevents the clogging of your drainage system by debris from roof.
Puddles are a Sign of Yard Drainage Problems
Wherever there’s a dip in the yard, puddles of water can create a muddy mess, which means muddy footprints and pet prints around and inside your home. Puddles of standing water also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes & other insects.
Catch Basins Direct Water through Drainage Systems
Catch basins and grates installed in low spots don’t give water a place to stand. Water can be piped to a pop up emitter or a French drain that will discharge a water in to a safe area.

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