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5 Unexpected Landscaping Design Trends

Implementing unique landscaping design is becoming even more popular today than in the past. As trends have steadily drifted from a “fix it up so you can sell” philosophy of design, homeowners are now looking for new ways to personalize and show their individuality through their landscaping efforts. As a result, many new landscaping design trends are being recognized today.

If you are looking for unique design ideas, contact the landscaping professionals at Metro Lawn Sprinklers and Landscapes today to learn more about recent trends in landscaping design. Throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles area, contact us to learn more about our landscaping service and to schedule a consultation!

Modern Landscaping Design Trends

Edible Garden

One of the newest trends in landscaping design in St. Louis is the introduction of a more environmentally conscious landscape. Keeping with the spirit of this new found respect for the environment people have begun planting vegetables and other edible plants in their yards as way of reducing their carbon footprint. A few years ago, it would have been a sin to plant a vegetable garden in a visible place in your yard. Now, it is not uncommon to see vegetables highlighted even in the front yard. It seems that people are beginning to appreciate the ornamental as well as practical application of edible plants.

Vertical Gardens

This is another trend in landscaping design that has transcended necessity to become decorative. Vertical gardens are of course nothing new, early examples come to us from ancient Babylonia, but they are new to modern city life. In urban environments like St. Louis city, where space is limited, people have begun growing plants vertically in an effort to add some lush greenery even in a cramped space. A well maintained vertical garden will give any outside space a feel of freshness and color that is unrivaled by any architectural accent. 

Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces

Some designers use the term “inside out design” to describe another popular landscaping design trend. What they are describing is a new type of mindset. Where previous generations thought the outside was just good enough for a deck or a porch, new generations are designing the outside to be an extension of the inside living space. 

The new trend is a bigger and better way to take advantage of your yard’s space. From fireplaces and outdoor kitchens to home theaters and seating areas, the household is moving outside to enjoy the St. Louis weather and is bringing all its comforts with it.

Lawn Free Gardens

Arguably, one of the most radical trends in modern landscaping design is taking away the lawn entirely. Ripping out the beautiful grass in your garden would flabbergast many, but the idea of sustainability is gaining traction with many designers. Now local plants and shrubs as well as rocks and other water conserving options are becoming a more popular alternative to the high maintenance grass lawns.

Permanent Children’s Play Areas

Landscaping design has also gone pedagogical. Instead of having a small place where children can play with plastic toys, parents are designing more permanent environments so their children can explore the outside. Things like mini forests are making a big impact on modern landscaping design. Other ideas for a more natural yard include dry river beds, boulders, and stick piles - the idea here is to make the yard an interactive experience for children that are used to sitting in front of the TV all day.

Make Your Landscaping Design Ideas a Reality with St. Louis Landscapers

With so many new and exciting landscaping design ideas, you may be considering a new landscaping project for your home. In St. Louis and St. Charles, our designers at Metro Lawn Sprinklers and landscapes can take your ideas and flesh them out into functional plans for your yard. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a landscaping design consultation!

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